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A Week Up North!


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Hi all

I will be heading up north to Caloundra for a week to have xmas with my gran. She has a place on Moffat beach and though I know the imediate area well from many trips there as a kid...this will be the first time I make the trip with fishing on the mind...all the time :thumbup:

One place I want to have a close look at is the lagoon on Moffat?

Does anyone know if it is holding any fish?


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Thanks Ken. I was hoping you would pop up :biggrin2:

I don't know the passage that well.... care to put me onto a few spots.

I will be on the plastics and the 7# most the time though I may spin the rocks and throw a slab bait out from the beach if it seems ok.

Do you know anything of moffat/dicky beach and how it goes of the sand? How bout the rocks round there?

Sorry for the twenty questions but it is always good to go prepared.


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