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Port Hacking - windy day


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Headed out this morning around Dolan's Bay. Cool morning and wind was blowing whatever hair I have left off hahaha. 

Got a few small snapper early but the wind was making it really difficult. 

Headed down to South West Arm but was a bit quiet down there.

Just out from Lilli Pilli I threw a lure at a school of Tailor and hooked a decent one for about 20 seconds then all hell broke loose. I think a kingy grabbed the lure and headed for the hills. It felt very decent and after about 10 mins it took my lure to about 20 odd metres deep and busted me off on some sort of structure.

Kingies can find structure anywhere to bust you off hahah.


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1 minute ago, Tweedfisho said:

Thank you


6 hours ago, Pickles said:

Thanks for report - Kingie’s fight hard and dirty - I love ‘em. A great feeling to get one in on light gear, but it doesn’t happen very often, pity the wind sprang up on you

Thanks, yeh they are dirty fighter, so much fun.

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