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Windy day at DY wide


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As we were getting desperate for some fish and as the forecast for the rest of the week was crook we took a chance that the monday would not be too crowded and went out today.

At Tunks there was quite a few parking spaces left and the ramp was vacant.

While preparaing to launch heard a loud bang and saw a launcher drop his new looking quintrex halfway down the ramp.

We tried to help him as he attempted to drag it to the water, but that couldnt be done. I suggested he try to winch it back on the trailer but we left him to work it out as he said some mates were coming.  I did not make any comments but I have seen boats fall of before when the launch of an unsecured from a brake at the water goes wrong.

There was a lot of surface activity around Dobroyd point, but trolling small minnows and throwing light lures did not work so we tried a troll around Nth Head for no takers.


Might have been better if there was a bit of swell.

However heading out to DY there was lots of swell and fairly large confused waves.

Got a nice flathead at first drop then things quitened down.

Finished up getting  acouple of Bluespots, a couple of Marbled, a couple of Trevally and a couple of spikies which I did not put in the photo for fear of criticism for keeping them but they were a reasonable size and are good eating.


The southerly eased for a while then came up again to make a bumpy ride home. 

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You have enough for a feed, that's what counts.

Spikies only grow to around 34cm, no legal size, millions of them in places (well thousands maybe) and the fillets are quite edible for the larger ones.

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