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Any good land based spots in Sydney to catch pelagic species such as Yellow tail amberjack, large snapper, modest sized tuna etc?


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Hey everyone I am new to the forum :) Looking forward to going really back into fishing in 2021!

I want to know some spots where I can reach via foot (without risking my life by abseiling down a 100m cliff or something similar). It feels like most of sydney has been fished out. I was hitting up the waters inside Kurnell national park today and got no real quality fish - pretty much most places it seems these days. 


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Welcome to the forum.

We have a massive selection of posts and articles here. 
Please research by using the search engine that will link you to information. Take a look in the Land Based fishing section. 

You might also introduce yourself to the community on the thread below. 

No member here will be able to ensure your safety or “risk to your life”. Please make sure you prepare and look after your own safety. 
Good luck with your research. 



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I think you will be extremely lucky to get any of those species without a lot of effort, there will be very few spots that are easy to get to that will reliably hold big Snapper or Tuna. You will need to "snoop" around a bit and put in a lot of time carting live baits into the more remote locations to be consistently successful.

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Lots of Tuna caught from shore, but not many easy to get to locations, probably the easiest would be Kiama Lighthouse point, but that not common. Snapper are also available off the rocks, but, once again, anywhere easy will be a lucky day.

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Heaps of good kingfish in many places around Sydney, ive listed the places off the ocean rocks on many occasions and there is a thriving landbased scene inside the harbour. I dont think large snapper are a reliable target in the general area full stop-boat based or otherwise but pannies-no probs-a Northern Beachs guide called Alex Bellisamo targets them all the time off the rocks, tuna have NEVER been a reliable target around Sydney even in the LBG heydays of the 70's and 80's-places like Whale , The Ovens and North Head had fish but not consistantly , thats why the Jervis BAy and north coast fisheries developed, the occasional longtail is about as good as you would get-but 150K north-no problem-

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I use to catch quality snapper and also kings off the top of the cliff at cape bailey in kurnell with my dad when I was a kid.

Sounds dangerous, but with caution, like most rock platforms its quite safe. Just lifting the fish up the cliff is a challenge though, still go there occasionally now days. Use common sense.

Snapper fish good there after big southerly swells but also require a decent cast. We pulled some quality ones out from there.

Bonito, macs (species of tuna) do come and go along a lot of Sydney rock platforms. longies are rare, dads only caught a few in the 20 odd years his fished the spot. 

never heard of amberjack (besides kings) being caught off rocks.


If you do fish the spot, be very careful, make sure its dry and no sand and on the ground as it will get slippery. Swell isn't a massive problem if it isn't a 6 meter swell, as your 30 odd meters above the waves. fish it on a light westerly wind but not strong. anything else is a waste of time.

ballooning is recommended but regular floats do work if you have a good cast.

some areas of the rocks have steel poles sticking out of them, this is for if you want to tie yourself up to if you wish. 


Don't expect to rock up here and catch fish day one, its one of those spots where one you get to know it abit, you will pull out fish after fish.


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