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Headed out about 5:30 this morning.  Fairly overcast and some light rain at times.

Tried Mowarry Point for donuts, then came back to a headland halfway between Mowarry and Boyd Tower for a nice morwong and a snapper.  Got one of these that did not know what it was.  Found out later it was a nannygia.

Started getting sick of snags so moved to inside the northern headland to try for some flathead.  Got a few and came home with a meal before the rain started to set in.



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2 hours ago, Pickles said:

Nice report Fish-more, nanny and Mowwies great eating - what is water temperature down there at present

Not sure as do not have a temp sensor on the sounder.  If you are asking to see if Marlin are about, the guys at the next camp over had one close to the boat.

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