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Sydney harbour Chowder Head - Luderick


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Went luderick fishing last week.... at Chowder Head

Took a drive to Mona Vale to collect some cabbage and weed.. had a chat with a fellow fisho who bagged out with 10 luderick.... fishing Mona Vale baths rocks. He said he was there 2 days before with no luck. he lost 2 luderick to the Ospreys as he washed them up.. how cool is that... he said it scared the shit out of him hahaha

Got to Chowder Head about midday and fished for 3 hours. about mid tied

Hooked 5 luderick landed 3....

Used cabbage and sand burly...

looks like the luderick are starting to come in for spawning season as they where nice and fat.


Mr. T.

Largest 36 cm see pics




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Yum! Nice catch, I've been meaning to give blackfishing a go, I have some floats and those small green hooks and have read the black fishing tips thread on this forum. Your post has made me keen to give it a go!

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