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On 4/17/2021 at 12:01 PM, Charlie27 said:

I have 15 foot fibreglass 20hp motor. Nothing special but does job. Looking for someone to come out fishing in western port bay. Launch from warneet boat ramp... Sunday's are the best day . 4-6 hours average

Not my ara but good luck crew can be hard to find


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Hope you get some responses Charlie27. You have a great stretch of water, teeming with sea life right there at your door step. I live in S/W NSW and have no other Raiders close by, so I have a similar problem to you. Any local fishing clubs to access or any mates who may be interested in becoming anglers? Main thing is don't let going solo be an issue. Plenty of safe areas to access there. I have fished Corner Inlet at Port Welshpool in my 12ft tinny with 15 HP Yamaha, just gotta pick the right days. Good luck, wish I was nearer, I'd be joining you in a shot.

Cheers, bn

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