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Copeton, bad weather who cares

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I had the opportunity to take the kids for a quick couple of nights at Copeton. The weather forcast for Saturday morning looked a bit suspect but decided to go anyway. The weather on Friday arvo was perfect


although the fish didn't comply at all we hoped against all hope the forcast was wrong. We were greeted Saturday morning by lovely cold and rainy conditions the according to deckee the rain would disapear early to mid afternoon (and thankfully was right). Around midday i decided I'd had enough of sitting around under a lowered gazebo and set-up a rod for Declan (my young fella) with a slab of chicken breast to try and tick a cod off for him. With the bait slab in the water and already in the rain decided to cast a lure around for a bit, put in quite a few casts and was intending on packing it in, put a bit of a daydream cast back into the next to the point I was standing on (wasn't even the good looking side). You could never imagine my shock when a sharp thump went through the rod and it loaded up, the fish didn't do much at first then woke up when it got a bit closer, it got really stressful when I'm trying to steer the fish around a boulder and get Declan's attention to bring the lip gripsI was relieved when a big green head came bankside and the grips went in, poor Declan couldn't believe it when the cod came out of the water. 


went 96cm, a new pb, no monster by Copeton standards as I've been told multiple times but I don't care and i don't reckon anyone that caught it would either, a few pics and the cod swam away with a mandatory tail splash, I love watching cod of all sizes swim off.

That was only hit I had for the trip but any trip to copeton with a cod landed is a successful trip.

cheers for reading 


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Having fished with you I know that you are very persistent. The one attribute that pays dividend most times, when Cod fishing, is persistence. Time and again that "one more cast" or the "unlikely spot" dishes out reward. You scooped the jackpot Dave... the only thing that could have been better was it being the magic metre Cod. Very well done!


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