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Juno Point


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Hi Everyone

New to the hawkesbury area and was wanting to have a crack at Juno Point in the near future. Now not knowing a great deal of the river system can anyone give me some hints and tips to Juno or guide me to an informative fishing report/guide. We will be having a crack at the Flatheads and Jews and whatever by catches may come.

Thanks in Advance everyone

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Hey ‘101, some big Jewies come in from Juno, but also big rays and pike eels. Best fished on a small tide as big tides produce a lot of run. You can get livies nearby at West Head and there are plenty of squid in and around the weed beds there.

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Have a look at the YouTube channel linked below , on this guys channel there is a series of videos made by Bruce Schumacher on the Hawkesbury/ Broken bay system showing most of the best spots for Mulloway ( Jewies ) It may have been made many years ago but the info , locations and techniques are still relevant .

(look in his videos section for fishing the Hawkesbury )

You are really at the end of the Mulloway season but the floods may have worked in your favour by keeping the fish in the river longer , I believe the big ones move out  to the inshore reefs about now .

Elanorah bluff Produces an eddy around into the mouth of cowan ( see image below )the same as juno does on the run out - look for the trash on the surface as there will be a patch of it where the eddy is , I get the occasional flathead there but have never targeted Mulloway there ( Flint and Steel was my preferred spot )



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