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Contemplating new boat (Bar Crusher v Grady White Seafarer)


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Hi all

Have been contemplating a new (to me) boat for a while now.  I currently have a 2004 Bar Crusher 640C with a 150HPDI on the back.  I find it a bit hard riding and also not that stable at rest, so have been thinking it might be time to trade up to a glass boat.

A Grady White Seafarer 228 (2012 model) with a Yamaha 250hp has caught my eye and was keen to get the good people of this forum thoughts on them.  The boat is located over 1000km away, so want a reasonable degree of confidence that it is going to be something I will want to go ahead with before I go up and have a look at it.  I do have a report where the local marine technician has had a look at it.

As above, the main reasons for wanting to change is:

- better ride as have a bad back

- more stable at rest

- would prefer a 4 stroke with the GW has

Appreciation any advice please?  What would you do?

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Thanks, that’s not a bad idea.  Only thing is I feel a little bit guilty going and looking at a boat that I will most likely not buy.  Although the boat is at a dealer and to some extent he is helping keep prices up so doing his job.

How would you feel asking to take one for a test run?


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I own a GW 228 Seafarer ( my second 228), she has a Yamaha 250 4.2 lt on the bracket.

Great offshore boat, rides well and stable at rest due to the V-sea hull.

They are heavy boats and will use more fuel than equivalent plate boat due to the extra weight.

They are a big 22 footer with heaps of deck space, very well lied out with a big plumbed ( from factory) live bait tank that fills from the bottom and water exits from the top so it circulates very well. Raw water deck-wash is standard as is 40 lt freshwater tank and shower at the back , basin in the cab. Two kill tanks that drain out, all tanks are insulated, even the live bait tank. Most have a porta-poty  with holding tank under and macerator. Cabin is good for two to overnight, if that's what you want. Generally fixtures and fittings are top shelf as they should on a very pricey boat. All 228's are fitted standard with trim tabs and LED indicators.

They have big fuel tanks, depending on model, mine has 125 us gal (470 ltrs).

Not light to tow at about 3100-3200 kg depending on gear, I tow with a 200 series LC, tows very well.

If the boat you are looking at is in Brisbane she has been for sale for quite a while so you maybe able to talk them down .

There is a nice one for sale in Sydney but very pricey.


They also have my old boat fitted with 250 hp Optimax . A very well maintained boat when I owned it but again very expensive .


If you need more info, fire away.

You can check them out on this US forum. Greatgrady.com

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