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A long time between drinks - Hairtail trip!


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 As the total says, it’s been a long time since we managed to get out for a fish (Stewy and I)

Hit up the Hawkesbury for a hairtail session, with the weather looking good, but cold!

Got there at the gentleman’s hour at around lunch time, and hit up the edges with plastics and vibes for a couple of tiny squire for Stewy(apparently they count as runs on the board) and a leather jacket.

The call was made to head into Jerusalem Bay and anchor up for some livies, a feed, and settle in.

No livies to be found, managed a small shovel nose, and a couple bacon and egg rolls.

Moved spots a couple times, for Stewy to hit a good size salmon just on dark.

We had quite a few chances with pillies, but just couldn’t managed to get the hooks to connect.

Finalled managed to get a livie, which went straight out, and finally hooked up to a nice hairtail.

As always, thinking our luck had finally changed, and had more livies in the basket, the bite went.

Packed up and headed home, Stewy cleaned up and filleted the hairtail, and off we went, happy with the day, and nice and warm with the heater on in the car!



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