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Blackfish weed availability


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Gday blackie66,

Welcome! I'm not sure how far youre willing to go to chase down some weed for the luds. The good news, search around a bit and you'll work out which spots you can rely on having weed at most times. For me, i fish around the norther beaches and around the northern parts of the harbour so i find the headlands are a good place to collect a few types of weed such as the wire weed and cabbage. Google Maps is your friend, any headland that has ocean swimming pools are a good place to start. You may have to bounce around a few places but it's worth it. Also, it's worth checking storm water drain outlets, they can be a good source of the wire weed at times.

The bad news, sometimes no matter how hard you look, weed can get scarce after heavy rain, super hot days and after massive swells.

For example, the other week i put up a post regarding weed spots as everywhere i looked had nothing. Seemed that after all the heavy rain and swells that the weed took a hit everywhere.

I checked the other day, seems to be growing better now.

I don't know much about the weed down south of the harbour, hopefully some other raiders can help you out, but northern beaches is quite good around Avalon, Collaroy, Newport, MonaVale and CurlCurl to name a few.

Hopefully that helps point you in the right direction.

As Rebel kindly advised, George's river and into botany might be worth while around pylons, moorings, bridges, break walls and jetties.

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