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Drummer from the boat


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G’Day Raiders

Now that it’s starting to get cooler I am keen to try and catch my first Drummer. 
I have read non stop about catching them from the rocks. But I am interested in engaging the spot lock and hitting them from the boat. 

does any body have any specific tips for me from the boat? or times and places? ;) 

I was thinking along these headlands near Fingal Bay. Is this the right area? What else will I encounter? 
mainly thinking bread or prawns for bait. 

thanks for all your help!


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Caught them hundreds of times from the boat, because you can fish places rock fisherman can't get to! First off, a safety warning, to be successful you will need to get right in close, make sure your anchor technique is up to scratch, bread for bait and burly works a treat, so does Royal Red Prawns (the best bait in my opinion) look for a nice wash, around Islands are great, because no one can fish there without a boat. Now the tricky, anchoring bit, you will need to anchor on the wind side of the wash, so you are fishing out the back, and cast unweighted baits right in the white water, , fish for 20-30 mins approx, if none are around, move a bit and repeat. Drummer are great fighting fish, and great eating.

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