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Patonga to cottage point safety


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Hey All. Just wanting to know if my 3.85m deep hull stessl with a 15hp would be okay to cut across on a good day.. wouldnt risk it on an average day but aware conditions can worsen. 

Asking here as i didnt want to attempt anything stupid. Fished for years in hawkesbury but never jumped across. TIA

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1 hour ago, RedMaN_82 said:

 wouldn't risk it on an average day but aware conditions can worsen. 


Disclosure-Firstly no one else can tell you something is or should be ok to do when it can be a questionable decision or potentially dangerous situation!


Your comment above is the thing to consider IF you are also going to be coming back some time later in the same day??


Its one thing all boaties need to always consider, what happens if conditions change quickly & that wasn't forecasted, you can be caught out a long way from home??


I dont know the area really other than looking on a map but I have seen tinnies probably just a bit bigger than yours out in open ocean on good days, even heard stories of the "good old days" when people have told me they have seen tinnies out at places like the Peak 😟


I have taken my 3.9m 25hp old quinny about 1Nm straight outside Botany bay heads, fished for about 15 minutes & said thats enough & came back in.

I fish in Botany bay mostly & if the wind starts to get up above 15/20knts(usually mid morning to midday) then I call it a day & it just gets to uncomfortable but by then I have usually started fish my way back towards the ramp & usually only about 5 minutes away. 


I would say if you were to pick the right day, with the swell coming from the right direction, light winds forecasted for an extended period then why not??


In saying that I would not be planning to come back in the arvo when generally winds will pick up & also the chop, so I would be going early & coming back early.

The other thing I guess to consider is boat traffic, large vessels & the chop they produce. 


Also take not of the Note on the RMS map of the Patonga area!


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