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New Rod & Reel


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Merry Christmas everyone.

So, I got a new rod and real for Christmas unlike any I've used before... hoping someone can say what it's best suited for!

It's a 6 foot heavy one-piece rod (Shakespeare TW601B) rated for 4-8kg line, with a Shakespeare T15L overhead reel rated for 300 yards of 14 lb line, "Light/Medium Saltwater".

To me this sounds like something you might use out on a boat going after kingfish and the like...

... will it be of much use to me as a landbased fisherman who just likes to catch the occasional flattie, bream, trout, redfin etc?? (baits and lures) (from their description I was expecting a baitcaster but it really is a chunky overhead and real stiff rod)

If not I'll ask for a boat next xmas :074:

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No-one?? 88 views and no replies either it must be a real hard question or maybe I need to shower more


Hey Russel , Sorry about the lack of response :ranting2: Hopefully this will kick it off for you :thumbup: . You say you are targeting mostly smaller species ie flathead redfin and the like .The combo you have is ok for trolling and perhaps livebaiting out of a boat and at a pinch you could livebait from the shore with it depending on your casting prowess .Now for a smaller combo you could try one of the many small threadlines on the market in the 1500 > 2000 class shimano ,daiwa or a host of others and 6ft to 7ft spin rod in high modulous graphite loaded with 4or 6 lb fireline and suitable trace material in flurocarbon with jigs and soft plastics to match your quarry and perhaps some hardbody lures thrown in for good measure :biggrin2:

Hope this helps Cheers Swordfisherman

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The problem we have is that we dont know these models. In general an outfit like this would be great in a boat!

I use a 4 kg baitcaster/ overhead outfit for lure casting and bottom bashing. I have in the past used it off the beach and rocks for Bream Salmon and Tailor. The line capacity of your reel is about the same so it should be good! I doubt that you will be casting realy small lures with it, but thats not it's purpose.


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Sorry mate, as Bluefin said...... dont know the models so really cant comment.

Besides, have a look at the gear, figure out what you think it will do and go and try it!

Thats half the fun, making your own mistakes or proving yourself right!!!!



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Hi Russell

The TW601B (Shakespeare Tidewater Rod) matched with the T15L (Tidewater overhead) filled with 8 kilo line, would be ideal for close inshore bottom bouncing for snapper. morwong, leatherjackets and sand flathead.

If you were to anchor up and berely you could feed a lightly weighted bait out for trevally, snapper and kingfish, but you would need to come down in line class. Say 5 kilo line.

You could also use it for trolling for australian salmon, bonito, tailor and kingfish.

It would also stop most of the kingfish in Botany Bay if you were to use live bait.

As for casting from the shore you would need to have a much longer rod. Say someting in the 3 metre length.

Hope this is of some help

Gary Brown

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