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Thank You Big Neil

Green Hornet

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Two thumbs up to @big Neilfor sending me this lovely, handmade example of an ornamental, raku bowl.

From reading a few of my comments to posts, big Neil discovered I like sailing almost as much as I like fishing and decided to send me one of his personally made bowls from his Yacht Series, unprompted.

As a guy that's done a bit of wood turning in my time, I can see the skill and craftsmanship that's gone into producing this.

A kind and thoughtful gesture Neil and it's now proudly displayed on my lounge room mantle.

Thank you so much.


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Thank you Pete, I'm glad that you like the yacht series Raku bowl. 

I got a very pleasant surprise today in the mail. Pete has sent me 3x deep diving Predatek lures and spare treble hooks to suit. These are EXCELLENT lures and they work a treat on Murray Cod AND Yellowbelly too. Coincidentally, the one which I had used I also lost to a snag.



Sincerely Pete I am extremely grateful and they are already ensconced in my lure tackle box. 


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