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Anyone got a seak mako 3.9


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Anyonr got one of these or used one. 

How was your experience? 

Any mods you have done to improve it? 

Anyone taken theirs offshore and howd it go? 

Anyone taken it off a beach through white water? 

Any problems you had with it? 

Thanks for your time to replay, this is my firts one and I would love to take it offshore like the original owner. 


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1 hour ago, slothparade said:

I have 2 motors for this; 24 pounder and a c54 pounder with a 100 Amh marine batteey that goes in the front hatch.

I have a fish finder which hangs over the side and the screen is mounted to the centre console 

Have an anchor trolley 


They're a good looking yak, get comfortable with it before ocean paddling 

IMO don't use motors it takes away from what yakking is all about

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