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1996 Yamaha 15hp water outlets


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Hi All

i have just bought a small tinnie with a 15hp Yamaha.

it was a running motor but it was backfiring / Missing as well as not pumping water.

Did a full service, you name it and I replaced it, Fuel filter, water pump, carby strip and clean, thermostat, spark plugs, gear oil.

compression test is 130 on both cylinders

it starts so easy and pumps lots of water.


There seems to be 5 places the water flows

1. telltale

2. both side of the Cav plate at the prop end 

3. Two small outlets at the boat end

o also get bubbles near where the bolts that hold the leg on as well, will tighten to see if that works.




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Thanks Bill

I only paid $2400 for the boat, trailer and motor,

so far spend $420 on parts to fix it all up, including new leaf springs, bearings, trailer lights, Service items for engine and rego transfer. So pretty happy with the deal

Just need a Castle Nut for the Prop as the one fitted was to big, only held in place with split pin and need to drill out a broken bolt in the thermostat housing.

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