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  1. If you get to King Ash Bay, be prepared to spend time travelling to the more productive areas, although not essential, it’s a joy to do it. Great spot.
  2. Sorry Swordies, but I’m thinking the guy helped you heaps w his lure reveal and depth of fishing info.
  3. I can get my Tinnie off and set up w folding trailer in a hour, and same to pack it up, if I wish, don’t normally do it for “ a quick fish” I can do that off the bank or a jetty.
  4. Billmack


    Just James has nailed it. The second battery is a reserve. Note to baitdropper, your batteries are never in series and only in parallel when the selector is set to “both”. You can set to “both” when motoring home to top up the charge on both batteries.
  5. I have a 370 quintrex dart, I used 8mm plate as in the photo. Screwed and spaced to suit the curves.
  6. Modern day batteries are best charged with a modern day charger… many on the market….it’s not just x amount of amps for x amount of time, it’s a combination of current and then a reducing voltage, the charger senses the batteries stage and condition and adjusts to suit. No human input needed. . We pay a lot for our batteries, a good charger is, to me an insurance policy, to prolonging battery life.
  7. Hi Frank, not sure on your battery knowledge and I’m no expert either, but I know some basics. A battery can be destroyed overnight with incorrect charging, an agm especially needs a stepped and programmed charge. Not sure if yours is an agm. If I may suggest a new charger, a projecta procharge 21A works for me, has settings to suit most sized batteries. I work on a max of about 10% charge rate of battery rating. A dc meter with a two decimal point readout is also a must, I’m sure you have one. A few basic voltages need to be remembered, all readings have to be taken after the battery has been rested, from either charging or discharging, at 12.8 V battery is fully charged, 12.2 V battery is 50% discharged, 11.8 V the battery is flat, everything in between is common sense. An agm should not be discharged below 50%, but it will happen sometimes. Once you are confident your battery is charged correctly, I think you can then work on the batteries performance, I’m sure a normal days fishing will not bring it down too far, 50amp draw is the MAX, it would average out a lot less than this. I hope this has helped.
  8. Billmack


    Good trip Jon, the young fella did a lot of work it appears. We were drawn again to KAB this year, fishing was as varied as the water and air temps, but we caught our fair share. Once this place is in your blood.... Meant to say also, the goldspotted cod are becoming the carp of the north in the estuary system up there. It’s a bit of a worry, but hopefully nature will work it out.
  9. Well done CC, Ardrossan jetty has a great community feel to it, people come from afar for a day trip, eskys open early. The red earth Cliff backdrop to the jetty is also worth seeing at sunup. A couple of years ago, like you, I wanted to try the raking, and after a while the crabs are easy to detect in the sand, although I was lucky to get more off the jetty than raking. Raking ticked off the bucket list though. Crab omelette, crab pizza, or just crab....and beer of course. Bugger the gout 🤣
  10. The 90 is a beautiful fish. Gorgeous colour.
  11. The most obvious with this post is the amazing choice we have in this country. KC summed it up perfectly with his comments... For different reasons for different species I select 10...... Estuary Cod ( black spotted) Threadfin Salmon Black jewfish Barramundi ( Wild from salt) Mudcrab Calimarri Garfish Flathead Mangrove Jack Golden Snapper ( fingermark )
  12. Butterflying is ok, rolling w the bottle breaks the lateral bones, and they are edible once the backbone is removed. Have cooked many ways( as you would know they were popular in restaurants years ago) whole and butterflied in tempura battered or just floured in clarified butter. Can cook several ways when you catch lots.
  13. We had a garfish session on St Georges Basin recently and I smoked a few in a Traeger smoker, because of the varying thickness they cook differently, the thinner ones are a bit like jerky. Rolled with a bottle, back bone removed, in a brine of salt and brown sugar for 3 hours, and in the smoker for 2.5 hours. The other fish in the smoker is a blue nose salmon fillet from the gulf and a fillet of gummy shark, I’ll try anything once 🤔 Cheers.
  14. No expert here, but along with the above. I would drop the boat to sit on the three keel rollers equally, adjust the two longer guides to meet the hull and balance the boat with a small amount of equal support given by them, and then rotate the two shorter inner rear guides 90’ with the curved end facing rear wards. 🤔
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