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Wilson Live Fibre Rod


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Hi Brains Trust


i have only recently got back into fishing after many years. I have a Wilson Live Fibre Trophy rod (RLF32/2). It’s an 8 foot rod given to me as a gift. Does anyone know much about this rod? Obviously the /2 means two piece. The rod does not have a line rating or any other information.

I am trying to work out where it sits with my other gear and how I should best use it.

Thanks in advance


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1 hour ago, bluefin said:

Measure it please, Is it 7'  does it feel life it could be 2 to 4 KG ??

If so probably 2 to 10 Gram.


It’s definitely 8’ and feels really responsive. It’s move chunky than my 6’ shimano raider which is 1-3kg. 

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Give it a go. Wilson rods don't come cheap. As you said you are starting again. Nothing to lose.

Wilson rods will take a lot of punishment.

I have two them. Had them for years. Great rods.

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