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Bronzies/bullies advice plz


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Hi Fishhunt, I fish out of a boat, but I reckon I’d catch an average of 2 sharks per trip, whether inshore (harbour) or outside. I fish for kingfish, and also the bottom for Flatties and snapper and burley up. I reckon if your beach fishing and burleyed up (fish offal, pilchards etc) you might attract them.

BUT you might not be popular attracting sharks on Sydney beaches??


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All the beaches have them,my 7year old loves goin down of an arvo n feedin out a salmon head,,find the cuts leading out of a gutter next to a sandbar n land your bait in the cut,,no current is prefereable but if theres a good flow fish the cut on the downcurrent side of the bar just the same as fishing for mulloway basically,,run out tide fishes best,ive caught them middle of day ,morning,and arvo,,short bit of single strand 200lb wire about ten inches long with a swivel one end n 10 to 14/0 j hook is all u need for beach bronzies n duskys,from that run 8 to ten feet of 100 lb mono with a sinker slide on it and a star sinker good enough to hold a salmon or mullet head,from the mono just use whatever knot your happy with to your braid,i use fg generally but uni is fine,,take plenty of fluids n snacks n somethin for a bit of shade n wind protection n enjoy kickin back waiting for the rod to bend,this one the young fella got 2 days after xmas with about 50 swimmers around us that promptly left the beach when he landed it,,if only they knew what is in really in there at times lol 


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