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Lake Macquarie fishing

Dr Gee

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Hi everyone,

Heading down to Lake Macquarie today with the family and staying for a few days. I’m planning on doing some fishing myself but I’m not too familiar with the area. I was wondering if I could get some help and tips on where to fish around here and what’s been biting lately. I have a kayak but it seems that it’s going to be quite windy the next few days. My main target is to catch a mulloway but I’d also be happy catching some bream and flathead. What spots should I visit? What is the ideal bait? I’ve got some squid and prawns with me, as well as some lures to try out. Any help would be very helpful. Also, ill be staying at mannering park. Thanks! 

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Thanks a lot hoods. I’ve checked out his posts, they’re mainly just reports on flathead he’s caught in the lake with types of lures he’s using. Would be really helpful if anyone could point out where I should go though as I’m entirely new to the area. Thanks

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