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Tomaree heads rocks and shoal bay 13/12/21


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Went to tomaree heads chasing some tailor and snapper off the rocks. Chucked out some ganged pillis on floats. The first got snagged and then the second I retrieved but slipped into the water so I'm pretty soggy. Changed over to a halco popper and did a fast retrieve. Had some tailor follow it but wouldn't take it. 

At about 10pm I went down to shoal bay beach where i chucked out 1 whole Pilli and a huge Yakka on a Snell rig. After about 45mins got a ray on the Pilli and about an hour got a shovel nose on the yaka. Was about pushing the 10kg mark. Quite fun on the new setup, great work out on it.the warf was crowded so I couldn't get the extra casting distance.

Here's a pic, the whole fish isnt in the photo 


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22 minutes ago, Isaac Ct said:

Nice trip out mate, that is a big eastern fiddler ray, well done. Have you ever caught a Jew with the Yakka or pilly?

Fiddler ray, shovel nose, same same, they're all sharks that got squished by a truck 🤣.  Love the color and thanks for pointing out the exact species.

Nope, only ever hooked them on squid and never been able to land one. I'll try and get some whiting tonight for dinner or bait depends on my mood, I can't exactly be bothered with bones 🤣

I'm trying to hook the lost sharks because I'd love to tag it and finally see the bugger that broke my rod. 


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3 minutes ago, slothparade said:

Also if just like to say sorry about making so many reports, like daily ones. Just because I'm going every day usually a few times a day and just hope that maybe these will help people build a bit of a mental picture of the fish here. 

Hope this helps 

You can never go fishing enough🤣.

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