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Bioluminescence, Rodd Point

Mike Sydney

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I was out fishing this evening and once the sun went down I noticed this phenomenon for the first time. 
The water looks normal, but surface disturbance has it glowing in the dark. 

I was fishing a crank and could see clearly where my line was in the water.  Once I noticed it I stopped fishing and spent an hour throwing handfuls of dirt in for some truly beautiful results. 

I understand this is some algae bloom causing this. It’s a beautiful sight! 

I attempted to get photos and video but the green glow effect doesn’t seem to show up on camera. Anyone else seeing this around at the moment ?

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It's very common, "seems" to be more and brighter during the full moon phase, I have seen the wake of my boat illuminated for a long way behind the boat, and waves on the beach almost a kind of "fire" with a blue glow.

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