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Foster holiday fishing report


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Booked a holiday house right at the water, so I thought I make a little post.

apparently we got 1 crab in 5 days, with 2 traps on the back yard jetty, beam are nothing big just one legal 27cm. Plenty of baby beam and diamond fish. Went to the lake with the mrs and walked around the shallow with my sugapen sureface lure, and managed to find whitting but nothing big!?!!

went around land base for prawning on a run out tide, also no lack!!!! I did managed one keeper in a hr😂 1 keeper prawns. The myth were right there not much prawns here🤣

don’t know what went wrong, but the upside is kids were having a great time catching tiny 🐠.


will like to hear some honest opinions as how things are for people fishing without a boat👌👌



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Well done on your first surface lure whiting. It's quite a worthy challenge, regardless of how small the fish are.

And being @papafish, if you can't find any legal bream or trevs wherever you are fishing, then I suspect they aren't there :D.

Enjoy your holiday. If the kids are having fun, then it's a win all round!

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