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Addition to the Murray Cod article by big neil

big Neil

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As mentioned in the article, surface fishing for Murray Cod has to be one of the most exciting fishing experiences EVER. In recent years this has become a huge point of interest in the Murray Cod fishing fraternity. With good reason! The adrenaline rush one experiences when a huge Cod appears from nowhere and literally smashes your surface lure. Often this occurs right at your feet and scares the living daylights out of you. Lets look at this in more detail...

Why surface lure fish for Murray Cod? 

Cod are one of the few freshwater fish that will take all manner of food on the surface. Ducks, lizards, snakes, insects, rats, water hens are all easy pickings for the hungry Cod. But conditions have to be right. These fish don't get to be metre long monsters by being stupid. The Cod has to be confident that it can strike its prey and return to its snag. Low light periods provide the conditions to give the Cod confidence to attack. It also has to be hungry.

Anglers can walk the river or impoundment bank and fish with surface lures with confidence. A simple set up as follows: A 6 foot or 7 foot baitcaster rod and reel outfit loaded with 40lb braid and about 4 ft of 40 lb leader will suffice. Choice of hundreds of surface lures to pick from. Pepper the entire area with casts and varying retrieves. Don't be in a rush. Often Cod will need time to decide that it is safe to attack. Fish the margins, particularly the shallow edges. In times of poor light Cod will come into very shallow water to feed. Often a long pause in the retrieve will be enough to entice the Cod to attack. Have the drag set tight, you can't allow these Cod the opportunity to get back to their snag. Of course this type of fishing lends itself to kayak and boat fishing too. Try to be as quiet as possible so as not to spook the marauding Cod. A big plus is that you don't lose too many surface lures. Here are a few of my favourite surface lures.

JACKALL POMPADOUR...great action.




So get out there and give it a try, bn


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2 hours ago, dnardy said:

Got my first one on surface a month ago Neil. You are right, it scared the daylights out of me!Cod.thumb.jpg.be40c934c55ba53ca7f8f11f8b6eb777.jpg

Nice healthy Cod there dnardy. Every one caught just makes you want to catch more. Thanks for sharing the experience with us. Great photo too. bn

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