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Shark fishing - sydney area


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Good afternoon everyone, 

With the addition of my new kayak, I have got my resolution to my shark fishing problem! Im hoping to get a shark fishing buddy that would be interested in going shark fishing every now and then, around Sydney area. Beach and rivers are fine I don't mind at all. I can provide a spare rod, reel and rigs ect if needed. 

Weekends work best but week days can be arranged, if you have a smaller kayak that would be helpful as mine is 3.9m. 

Thanks in advance

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13 minutes ago, motiondave said:

For sharks, good spot is Dobroyd head, up from the beach to the shacks. 

Obviously conditions would have to be smooth, but lob an unweighted bait out and sit back. You Will get hit by metre long bronzes. 


Sweet, sounds great. Thanks. Is that a stretch of sand or is it rocks along there?

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