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Bonito rock spinning rod recommendations?


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One of the guide rings on my old Seabass is broken, so rather than trying to fix it, I'm going to get a new rod. Because it's a good excuse, lol. The Seabass was OK, but a bit too flippy. I'm after something around 9 - 10 feet, for casting 40 - 60g metals / lures out and then lifting the bonnies up to the rocks. Maybe around PE4 - PE6 rating. Suggestions?

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I've just bought an Oceans Legacy Dreamcast OCL-5982M, which is 9'8", rated PE 1.3-3.0 and casts 25-60g. I've matched it with a 4000 Stradic SW and 300m of PE 1.5. Its a nice, light combo that's still capable of putting the hurt on any bonito or rat king.

It would make a sweet rod for bonito off the rocks as long as you didn't have to lift them too high (like up a cliff). If washing them, out or a 1.5-2.0m lift, this rod would be more than capable.

The Demon Blood and OL Specialist are popular rods if you chose to go heavier.



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The combo I use for Bonnie's and other small pelagics off the rocks is a 8ft Daiwa TD black slugger 6-12kg, 15-60g cast weight and a Daiwa saltist mq 4000 spooled with 300m of shimano ocea 8 pe2 braid. 8ft might be considered abit short for rock fishing but I don't have any issues with casting distance or washing fish in and find 8ft to be the perfect length for working stickbaits and poppers comfortably.

I honestly can't think of a better rod than the slugger for light spinning off the rocks. The action is light enough to have fun with smaller pelagics like bonito, salmon, tailor and rat kingies but it also has enough low end power for when you need to crank up the drag and put some hurt on a larger fish.


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