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Wind Knots


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hi all,

I have a live fibre 10' rod with a stradic 8000 with 20lb fireline. I used to have mono topshot on it, joined to the mainline with a loop to loop connection. Every so often though , when casting I would get knot in the line as it came out from the tip.

For my next spin session I have removed the mono topshot and now run 20lb fireline to a KD leader and am to try that out....

But whats the cause of the wind knot....bad cast form, line im using ?? How do I get rid of it ?


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I find that wind knots come from a few things.

Over spooling my reel

Small amounts of dirt/mud ect ect building up on the lip of my spool

When winding in line on windy days you have to make sure there is pressure on your line when winding in the slack.

Crappy knots

And brades need, want, craving to tangle when ever possible

I hope this helps :thumbup:

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Thanks sharky...

I think i will just have to experiment to see what helps get rid of it. I dont think I have overspooled but may strip some line off to and give that a go too. Hard to wind on with pressure as im using small metal slices on this outfit......trial and error i guess...



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Wind knots come from the way the line leaves the spool on threadlines and re enters it ,because of the constant spiralling effect :thumbdown: You may be able to help this problem when spinning with metals by adding a good quality swivel to your lure .This problem does not normally happen on baitcasters or overhead reels because the line leaves and returns the same way .

Cheers Swordfisherman

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I always use ball bearing swivels for spinnig...it seems that when I do get a knot its around where the double of the mainline(fireline) and double of the mono meet. Sometimes just somewhere along the line as well, but i think mainly around that area. Im wondering if its due as well to the different qualities of stiffness between the fireline and mono too.

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hi guys i sometimes get the odd wind knot when spinning lures for trout,always where the bimini double joins the leader. It seems that the knot(double uni ) hits the guide on fast/jerky casts and the doubled line splits and goes one strand either side of the guide resulting in a messy tangle. The only solution i have come up with is to slow down the casting motion which surprisingly results in more distance anyway ! cheers troutboy :1fishing1:

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Hi Guys,

When I first started using fireline I got wind or cast knots a fair bit. I eventually found through trial and error it was my casting action and the amount of line I had on the spool.

I was ripping the rod through the cast really hard to try to get the most distance in my cast, particularly from the shore.

I found that a slower rod speed through the cast and a little less line on the spool help enourmously. The slower casting action also helped with accuracy as well. I found a nice smooth casting action gave the same distance as trying to throw the lure to the other side of the river.

Hope that helps a bit.



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