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Jig heads ?


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Ok we have discussed the purchase of soft plastics, but that's just half of it !

I have a dozen different weights, Different hook sizes to suit 2" to 5" SP's . Wheedles in different weights. and sizes, Worm hooks, Snakelocks, Hidden weight system in different weights.

Painted heads. All the above in Finesse and Heavy duty Hooks ! And More !!!!! 


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My figure for plastics included jigheads. I will often buy in bulk when I can get a good deal, as they have a habit of disappearing! I resharpen them after snags and fish to give me a bit more use out of a pack.

I keep a good assortment of jig heads, mostly from size 4 to 6/0 (ambitious I know…) in various weights from 1/50oz to 3/4oz, but more and more I’m rigging plastics on Ewg worm hooks with either a snakelockz weight or just texas rigged.

For the weedless I like the snag avoidance but most of all I like being able to vary weights for a given hook. This means more versatility in a small tackle box.

I don’t bother with colours. Enough variables to deal with as is!

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5 minutes ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

TIP Swordie buys his jig heads off Tackle Paradise.

They have a special on right now buy two packets and get one free. 
He likes the 3 gm ball head ones for his home made soft plastics. 

Thanks Swordies! Fantastic prices!

I've only just stocked up again recently but I will keep them in mind for next time.

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