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Probably been done before, but a recent post got me thinking, what's everyone watched and enjoyed? "Yellowstone" is great, "Ozark" was good, not a fan of the latest, for a good wholesome family series, "Anne with an E" is good, "Snow Piercer" was good for an unusual concept, "Prison Break" is great, an oldie but a goodie "Designated Survivor" fantastic series, "Outer Banks" was good, but seemed to just finish without an end, "Animal Kingdom" is fantastic.

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43 minutes ago, Little_Flatty said:

We enjoyed ‘alone’ on SBS. It’s about people trying to survive in the forest with only a few basics. Some last a surprisingly long time…their heads cave in before their abilities to get the necessities do.

I enjoy Alone as well, along with Naked and Afraid on Foxtel's Discovery Channel. 

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