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Collapsible 3- ring keeper nets , best ones made to last .


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Hello Raiders , im looking to buy  a couple  of those  collapsible   keeper  nets (not the metal ones ) so that i can keep fish  alive until   i make a decision  which ones to take home    and  release  the rest of the fish  with as little harm as possible , i  do  all of my tackle shopping these days online , mainly because i always look for the best possible price , but the bad thing about this is that i don't get to  have a close up look at the quality  of the material  used  and as some of us know you don't always get what you thought you were buying , so  if any of you  use them 3 ring ones,  i would love to find out which ones have the best netting on them  that  can  last the longest , thank you all for reading this 


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I just use a green 1.2m string bag. I put the fish in there then tie it to something, usually the back of my boat and make my decision at the end of the day. Although, the last one I bought had a hole in it which I was unaware of at the time and caused a flattie to swim out of it.

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