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rod for saragosa 8000


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last night I was able to pick up a saragosa 8000 for dirt cheap and was thinking to either re sell it or grab a nice rod and use it off the kayak as it is sealed and a good reel. was thinking of spooling it with 40-50 lbs braid. Thinking of pairing it with a cheapish (dont want to go to crappy as this is  a nice reel) but not to expensive as its off a kayak, obivous reasons there. was thinking maybe a gomoku storm jigging rod, but struggling to find one in pe4. ideally would like the slammer to fit as well so i have the option of the slammer or the saragosa. The other ones I was looking at was the terez, penn reigment black ops oe the ocean assasin, the grappler is a bit on the pricey side to be used off a kayak.  

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While the Terez would match that reel very well from a boat, my thoughts are it might be a bit to much of a fast action rod for a kayak. There are a fair few rods from ocean legacy that have that more forgiving parabolic action more suitable for close contact yak fishing (similar to Gomoko). 

Both the above have jumped in price recently, also I have a Terez 40-80lb latest version that Im going to sell as I found it a bit short for casting and just bought a grappler 8ft instead.

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