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1/2 cabin to centre console advise


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noelm - chine (?) timber as per the photo, removing some of the material here, that brown weep stain there, thats visible in the photo attached

Am heading back to collect boat this week from the estimator / repairer. The quote was quite reasonable and the proprietor spent ages walking me through everything , really nice bloke, but still at ths point more than i can do $ wise at present as a few other things popped up and i would like it all done.  I am planning to get it home and try do as much of the prep work as possible. I have read a ton of material online re glass repair and other projects etc, and have some experience making fibreglass kayaks (30+ years ago) so am thinking of doing some of the smaller stuff myself. There is still a lot of work just to prep that rear area properly without stuffing anything up further. Spongy sections of the floor means at least half needs cutting out so may end up doing the lot.

Needs a main fuel tank  (missing) so am looking at one of those poly ones as have heard they are pretty good once you add the foam baffle at least. Would be interested to hear if anyone has experience with poly tanks. Otherwise will get in touch with that bloke you mentioned in Vic. 

Was a bit heartbreaking in general to see all the dramas uncovered with it,  sort of suspected some if it was sus but perhaps not as bad as it is, but am actually looking forward to bringing it home and having a go at least some work. HAve seen lots of posts around the place with folks doing thier own transom but the devils in the details as they say, would hate to start then find somewhere in the middle of the process we missed somet hing. Ton of other stuff to do at any rate. 




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