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Watersnake track recording ?


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A question for those that have a bow mount electric with spot lock, track recording etc, weather it be Minn Kota or whatever.

With the track recording, CAN I track a route, save it and then start at the end of the track and work my way backwards ? .

For example If I start my track at the boat ramp at apple tree bay and motor up to say Waratah Bay, fish there overnight OR early into the morning then IF the fog sets in can I use the track I recorded to track myself back to the ramp ? .

OR do you have to start at the beginning of the track ?.


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10 minutes ago, yella king said:

Hi Frank

I believe that once you record a track you can go from start to finish or finish to start.



Thanks for your response, it would be good to be able to back track. In days gone past before G P S I have on occasion been trapped in one of the bays while Hairtail fishing as the fog rolled in. GPS made it possible to backtrack, slowly through the fog but there were times where I had to stay overnight till daylight to find my way back to the ramp.

The backtrack system with a electric motor will make things much easier.

US boasters are really getting spoilt with all the modern technology , gone are the days when you had to think about things and rely on knowledge to go fishing, these days it's all about instruments.


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