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Live bait in Sydney Harbour - yesterday


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A thread a few days ago was asking about  Slimey(Pacific) Mackerel in Sydney Harbour. I caught heaps (over 30) Big Slimies over the past week  (water temp has dropped to 15.8 degrees from 18 last week).
They are around in numbers at the Centurion Wreck, the wreck off North Head and Canae point near the quarantine station. They are a bit big for whole baits, but excellent cut baits (especially for snapper). They are also at the Artificial Reef off South Head an a smaller (close in reef) directly opposite the Sth Head light House (closer in at the spot is also excellent squid grounds, bu keep an eye on the swell).

There are always Yellowtail at Georges’s corner (just around towards Obelisk bay from Middle Head) but they are tiny at the moment and only getting hooked on no 10 and 12 “mosquito” hooks.


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