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Squid and Yakkas on or around the Hawksbury


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As the title says, I am looking to try my hand with some fresh bait rigs tomorrow and will be fishing the hawksbury river between bar point and the heads.  Up until now all I have fished with are lures, so i have no idea where to find live bait around here.

is anyone will to share areas I can try and get some squid or yakas? A mate is bringing some fresh bait with him so we are covered but i still want to try and do it myself so I learn properly.

Tomorrow is my first attempt at chasing jews, wish me luck :)


thanks in advance 

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Hi yakkas can be found at the entrance to Pittwater where the pillboxes are you can't miss it will be boats anchored everywhere. If you go further  in up to the red navigation Mark throw some squid jigs around you should  get a few it was on fire a few weeks ago if your drifting throw a line out plenty of flathead and flounder there as well good luck

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