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headed to Yalata


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hello friends.

I am headed to Yalata from QLD. I have limited experience with fishing from the beach.

I have Saragossa reels 8000 and 10000 with 50lb braid from memory I used for reef fishing, if I purchase new rods suitable for beach will these reels suit the purpose.

I also have a selection of 3000, 5000, 6000 stradics with 30 and 40lb braid.

If any1 is able to point me in the direction of rods for each reels that would also be swell.

Is everyone also only  bait fishing for the mulloway or is throwing big plastics or hard bodies also a suitable method.


Tight lines.


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Good luck, i had a trip planned there, but covid happend so it was scapped. The reels will be fine as theres big bronzies there aswell, with rods you cannot go wrong with diawa's sensor surf/sandstorm rods. Cast out big baits easily and a very nice, light rod to use.

The 6000 stradic will be great with a lighter beach rod like a catana for catching tailor & salmon to cut up for bait.

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