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Types of Freshwater Bass in North America


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Hey  guise do you know that in North America  there are mostly four types of fresh water bass species are available. The are also called the Black bass and you will be amazed to know that the White and stripped bass that are generally known my every one as top game fish are mostly found in saltwater and the are not the native species of Freshwater artic drainage. 

The four freshwater bass species are,

  1. Largemouth Bass
  2. Smallmouth Bass
  3. Spotted Bass
  4. Guadalupe Bass


The biggest largemouth bass caught until now is from Lake Biwa, Japan. A Bass Forecast article says that in 2022, a very skilled fisherman named Manabu Kurita caught a species of largemouth bass with his baitcasting fishing rod and reel combo that weighed about 22.311 pounds and was the biggest one ever caught in the world.

Information from an article written by D’Arcy Egan says that the largest smallmouth bass was caught at the Dale Hollow Reservoir in 1955. David Hayes, an experienced angler, was the luckiest person to catch the 11 pounds and 15 ounces of smallmouth bass, and no one has yet caught a smallmouth bass large enough to break his record.

Back in April of 2001, an angler named Shishido hooked up a 10.27-pound spotted bass during a Valley Team Tournament on California’s Pine Flat Lake. That bass is currently the largest spotted bass caught in freshwater.

We have found that there is no evidence identifying or indicating the name Guadalupe Bass when it comes to the world records, as this type of bass is considered a spotted bass. Hence, we have found that a report from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department featured an article on Guadalupe bass and indicated that the largest Guadalupe ever caught and landed so far was around 3.5 pounds. But the catch was not verified by the International Game Fish Association.

For more information on the freshwater bass you can check my article named "Types of Freshwater Bass in North America"

 Happy Fishing


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