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Leatherback turtle caught in shark net - and an ID question


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I was flying my drone offshore of Killcare Beach (Central Coast, NSW) last night and through the on-board camera I saw something odd in the water. Approaching, I could see it was a leatherback turtle caught in the shark net. Sad. Its way past time that these nets were removed. There is plenty of science around to say that they do nothing to prevent shark attack but kill numerous marine animals. The State Government, apparently, acknowledges this but wants them to stay because they 'give comfort' to people (who probably don't swim in the ocean anyway, but do vote).


I took a few photos and videos but unfortunately it was nearly dark and the light level very low, though the drone camera was doing a great job of compensating for the low light the stills arent much good and the videos werent either. I called WIRES who have an association with a marine turtle rescue group and they were keen to help but by that stage it was dark and I doubt a rescue could be possible even if someone was prepared to take a boat out there at night.

Anyway, this is a fishing site so lets concentrate on the fish side for a minute. Throughout the time I was hovering above there were three large fish slowly circling just a few meters away from the unfortunate turtle. There were also lots of smaller ones - one or two of which were remora which were probably accompanying the turtle when it became entangled, but some were clearly not. I couldnt identify the three big fish in the poor light. In some photos they look like kingfish, in others perhaps sharks. Sometimes they even looked like cobia, at least with the stripes sometimes visible on the sides. Here is a videocap.


Sorry about the poor quality, but any thoughts on what these are??





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The fish certainly look like Cobia, those stripes on the side are quite prominent and I'm not sure if any sharks have that type of stripe.

This video has Cobia swimming on the surface starting at 8.27.  


Hope this helps.

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