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Sussex Inlet Weekend Away


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G'Day Raiders!!

Haven't had much luck with the fishing over the past 5/6 weeks? not too sure if it was the weather or just me? haha anyway... decided to take a trip down to Sussex Inlet, a spot that never fails to produce!
Caught 3x beautiful 80cm flatties (returned of course) and made something delish!!! A coconut/lychee trevally ceviche :)

My partner in crime Hoda couldn't make the trip as she had a family emergency to attend to, so the old man came with instead.

Filmed using my 2x GoPro Hero 11's & Fujifilm XT4
Edited in Filmora 11.

Sussex Inlet Episode + Coconut/Lychee Trevally Ceviche

Hope you all enjoy!!

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1 hour ago, Rebel said:

Better something than nothing.

Honestly I've donut the last 5 weeks so it was good to catch something.
I'm looking at purchasing a boat at the moment to do more estuary fishing.

18 minutes ago, noelm said:

Get to Swan Lake and scoop some big Prawns.

Never tried prawning! ill check it out!

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