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NEW: Open Water Risk Forecast

Mike from DECKEE

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I'm excited about this one – please let me know what you think!

DECKEE now enables you to see a RISK FORECAST for open waters, personalised to your watercraft!

Have you ever been caught unexpectedly in dangerous conditions? Weather is a critical part of spending time on the water, but trying to work out what the forecast means for your boat can be very challenging. Conditions can vary dramatically on open waters, and a couple of feet in boat length can be the difference between a smooth or dangerous journey.

That's why we built the Open Water Risk Forecast. Our algorithm takes into account a variety of weather data factors and combines it with your boat length to assess the risk and make your decision to go boating easier.

Simply adjust your watercraft length (it's easy to switch between metres and feet) and DECKEE will show you a personalised Risk Forecast for any open waters location.



Check it out now in the DECKEE app, or at deckee.com/maps/weather. 

Will you find this useful? Let me know!

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