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Trevally of sorts (Giant Trevally) Juvenile.

Isaac Ct


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53 minutes ago, Blackfish said:

Any other photo of the fish @Isaac Ct. The reason I ask is that your finger is over the gill cover and it would help with the ID of the fish. Well it would help to dismiss a couple of other Trevally types.

Thanks mate

Unfortunately not, sorry. We took a quick pic and just chucked it back. It took of like a 25-30cm yakka if that helps.

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All good @Isaac Ct the bars on the side was a bit confusing as the only other type I could think of was a Onion Trevally which look similar to yours but have a spot on the gill plate, but they don’t come  that far south, though by saying that one has just been recorded in the last couple of weeks down in Perth on the west coast which is a long way south of where it’s been previously recorded.

I recon @dirvin21  nailed it. 👍 ……. Till some one corrects us 😀

Certainly not a common capture in Sydney.

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