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Hi Guys,

I have an interest in military history and read that, just prior to WW1, we purchased a battlecruiser. She was called HMAS Australia. I found this very interesting as I always thought that the largest ship we had, apart from carriers, were a couple of heavy cruisers. Anyway she saw some service during the war, including providing a small number of men who took part in the Zeebrugge Raid in early 1918. You can see her history here:

HMAS Australia (I) | Royal Australian Navy

Post war it looks like she was too expensive to maintain, so she was scuttled some 25 mile east of Sydney. She sites on the bottom, upside down, in 275 metres of water. A bit too deep to dive. If anyone would like the co-ordinates just message me.




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I know a couple of guys who have deep dropped it-the wreck apparently has been commercially fished for a long time and has a few nets and commercial droplines badly tied up in the wreck. Its right on the edge of the shelf-I have he marks and keep on thinking about having a look over it but havent been in that direction for a while-maybe next marlin session.(or season!!)

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