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Brag mats.


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G’day Raiders,

Today I was fitting some Velcro pads to my brag mat to stick it down to the carpet on my front deck and was wondering if either Fishraider or Deckee had ever thought about getting some made ? Would definitely look better in the photos than the ones that advertise the big chain stores . I know that the Deckee store is working with Hooked online and maybe there could be a benefit for all three parties by getting some made with artwork showing the monograms of all three and selling via both outlets ?

Just a thought.

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Love the mat idea! Here is some fishraider history.

Way back in 2008 we produced the “Measure of Success” mat

I was 120 cm long and very well made.

We altered designs and had various sponsors names on them. This did not work as the sponsors stopped supporting the site. 

The original supplier closed his business and any other quotes were way too expensive for us to buy in small quantities. 

I will grab ours out of the garage tomorrow and take a pic. 



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Thanks for sharing this idea @XD351! It's a good one. Right now we've got a big focus on delivering massive deals on fishing and boating gear each week to the community, but leave this with me for now and I'll see what might be possible.

p.s. Another big deal dropping tomorrow... stay tuned!

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