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looking for bush track


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Park on the corner of Iluka and Morella Rd's and there is a track down next to the 'Manor'- the most easterly home. Far better spots if you go east rather than into Taylor Bay - turn left at the bottom of the track rather than right to go your circled area.

To access the other spot there is a track going east from the car park immediately inside the entrance to Bradleys Head, where this track meets the other intersecting track and go left, just cross straight over on the first track on your right. When you get to the open space where the path meets sandstone ledges, go down two steps on the left side of the ledge and follow the track to the right- don't go left as you can't get down. Keep veering right- the track is really narrow and comes out right on the corner where there are some really narrow old sandstone steps. Only worth fishing there while the tide is up- if you walk back around the rocks to the south (right) about 10 minutes along is the best area, known as White Rock or White Wall, where there's an obvious 'platform'. This spot only fishes well from just before high tide to about an hour or so before low tide for all the species there.

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5 hours ago, bessell1955 said:

You are indeed the person to ask for this information.

Hi Bessell 1955 yes- I fished that area from about 1973 onwards! There are still good fish to be caught there, however, winter isn't the best time for many species in the shallower areas there. Luderick, Surgeonfish, Bream and Tailor probably the best targets now.

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