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Botany Bay


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hello fello raiders,

hope all of u had a top w-end and made most of the perfect conditions for wetting a line..

yesty saw me and a mate hit the bay at 7am lauched in at cooks river ramp and proceeded straight out to the 3rd run way to see what was a around...

burlyed up and fished here for around half an our for ZILCH.. very very quiet here so decided to head out to molineaux point and see what was around,

BOATS BOATS and more BOATS :1yikes: it was so packed i was realy quiet amazed, anyways we got out of all the traffic we cruised around the side and stoped 40 or so meeters from the wall, threw a few chook pellets over and then rods were in, caught lots of small snapper and a nice trevor but this trip saw a little more size in them to previous snapper caught in the bay, in total we landed around 10, sizes ranging from 15cms to 25cms during all the excitment of catching all these :074: i thought id give the ever so famous "SOFT PLASTIC"

a good work over, so on goes a 3" power minnow in pumpkin seed flavour... few cast and retrieves but nothing happing, i casted it back in, and my other rod was going off so i put my rod down with the sp and went over to the other rod, as i pulled in the fish i was looking at my sp rod and noticed it tappd, i thought ohhh hello so after a moment i went back to it and gave it a little jerk and tapp tapp it goes again, then i slowly retrieved and bang i was on to my 1ST ever fish on a SP wooo hooo :thumbup::1yikes: it was only a small flattie but geez i was so excited hehe,

after this i kept working the SP waiting and waiting and being persistant finally ended up landin a small snapper on it, so after this i dndt touch bait for the rest of the morning, :074:

things went quiet and not much was happining so we cruised over just wide off towra coz i was keen to tackle some more flatties on my lucky SP, half an hour or so i was still working the SP around and in between the sand and weed patches, but nothing,

my mate pulled the anchor up and we started to drift, i threw in just on the side of a weed patch and i had 2 sharp taps and then BANG sure enough i was onto my 2nd flattie on sp's :yahoo:

this beauty goin a nice 44cms, after this i was hooked on sps so spent the next hr or 2 working around towra and picked up another 2 flatties going 33cms and 42cms, the day was coming to a end and i getting really burnt frm not putting sunscreen on coz i 4got it in the car, :thumbdown: on the way back to the ramp we stopped off and drifted off brighton beach, for 1 last try, we ended up here for half an hr or so and i got zilch on my sp but my mate managed 3 nice whitings on peeled prawns...

so all in all a great day for me having fun with the old SP a little more practice and ill be sweet,

hope all u raiders had a good weekend,

cheers steve :1fishing1:







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Once you start catching fish on SP's you become a convert. They are terriffic and i find them cheaper than bait (unless you use them on Taylor in which case go and buy 500 or so).

:074: as soon as i caught my 1st i was converted hehehe nah im thinkin there the way to go..

funny u say that bout tailor coz i got 1 big stirke on my sp and pulled it in only to find it was bittin clean in half.. damn tailor.... so yea i know wat ya mean..

hope i get more success on sps..

cheers steve :1fishing1:

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