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shore jigging gear and its storage


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Hi All,

I have a friend of mine who does shore jigging and I have been quite keen to fish with him.

  1. I am thinking of getting the majorcraft solparra 9 ft 6 inches (not decided which model yet and will need help) or the Daiwa Seabass 962H(will need to speak with local iso tackle store once they get it to have a feel of rod) and 90 percent of its usage would be tossing metals for perlagics in sydney habour/beach fishing and the occasional rock fishing. Aim will be getting 20-30lb braid on them Need some advice on the models. I would have gotten atomic arrows 9' if there was supply of it in local stores but none do and the aird x 9' doesn't its a bit too stiff.
  2. I think i have narrowed down the 2 reels i might equip them with Daiwa frearms / Shimano nasci both in 5000 size Which one is better?
  3. what is safest way to secure it in car? I have done some measuring in car boot and max is a rod diagonally is 150 cm horizontally it can fit  141cm so i may have to slant it a bit


Any feedback would be welcome


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