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Rosie the retriever Part 3


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Mrs Pickles and I are leaving Kimba for Streaky Bay, then Fowlers Bay in SA with Rosie, then big leg across Nullarbor.

Never been there before - anyone fished either places - can you collect bait off the beach ???



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I don't think there are any fish worth catching left in the Nullarbor.







Sorry, I couldn't help myself.  Nice pic.  Looks like a blossoming romance between Rosie and the dog next to Mrs P.

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We did a lap in our caravan 4 years ago and enjoyed exploring our beautiful country.

Streaky Bay Islands Caravan Park is new and the most wonderful park with ocean views. It is pet friendly and I highly recommend it. We did not go to Fowlers Bay, it is quite remote.
Its a great journey with your caravan in tow Bob. Nullarbor crossing is a real adventure. 

I am sure some members will add some info here however I will link a fishing guide and a report from a member



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