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How To Catch Mullet


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Been fishing Iron Cove on soft plastics but have noticed alot of mullet jumping around.

They seem pretty big as well.

Was wondering what type of rig and bait do i use to catch these guys.

i reckon they would be really fun on light line.

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Guest lbgking

Long stemmed mullet float about 200mm. Available from most tackle stores for about $2.50. (they are the orange topped, clear stem, blue based variety with the sliding o ring)

Long shanked hook about No. 2 size

Use a 200mm leader (yes I know that's short) and mould bread around the hook.

This rig works in the Nepean for Bull and Freshwater Mullet.

We have also used torpedo and weighted bobby corks in desperation and found that the splash can attract fish out of curiosity.

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If you can get them feeding on the surface a fun way is to float out a piece of bread in a berley slick. Simply just tie a hook to the end of a line (make sure to put on a mono trace if using GSP), put on a piece of bread crust. To make this rig castable, lower the bread in the water first, immersing it. This will give you a bit of weight so you can (gently) cast the bait into the slick.

If this is too hard, try weighting the bait with a bubble float.

Just another idea that might let you have a bit o fun :)

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I like to burley up with bread to get the Mullet feeding and then cast out bread flies with my fly rod. They make great fun. If not a fly fisher you can still use a bread fly under a float. I find using the bread fly better than bread on a hook because it won't come off and you don't need to rebait after each fish.


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There are several types of mullet. Some will not bite often in salt water.

If you can them to take bread berly like the other guys have said, then I find the best way is to use a small bob cork with just enough lead to make it easy to cast. Tie a small swivell and short ligth leader 15cm is plenty. I use a mustad 540 no8 hook. Fish shallow.

If the fish start to take bread of the surface then you should be able to catch them. I catch mullet a lot for live Jew bait.


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G`day Fellas ,

An immitation Porcupine Quill float , rigged as you would for Blackfish for starters.

A 1/2 bag of Bread crumbs for berley goes well , don`t use too much , they will chase the trail to woolongong.

And wet down the other half , and when you have them near you and biting , you can add a small amount of the wet bread crumbs to the berly chain , it sinks immediately and keeps them interested.

Dough , Peeled prawn , or worms , will catch them most times , you just have to hone your skills to suit the area you are fishing .

Best to select an area that is not fast flowing , and has an eddy.


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